Long Run Nutrition Plan

Long Run Nutrition Plan

When it comes to nutrition, running is one of the most challenging forms of exercise. What looks perfect on paper doesn't always work on race day, especially if you have not practised it thoroughly in training. The good news is you can teach your body to take on nutrition to fuel your run effectively so give yourself plenty of time to trial, tweak and lock in your plan well before race day. 

Here is a guide to get you thinking about what you require and when: 

Timing Goal Action points Examples/ Notes
2-3 hours pre-run

Pre-run meal snack (1-2 hours pre-run)


Practice Beet loading for race day

Meal suggestions:

  • Muesli/cereal
  • Toast 
  • Rice or pasta
  • Fruit smoothie


Sip away to hydrate, supply electrolytes and top up carbohydrate (fuel) levels. 

Beet loading (1-5 days pre-race): 

This is a technique used to help performance and should be practised in training. 

15 min pre-run Top up blood sugar levels Optional to use caffeinated version 
Hydration during  500-750ml+ per hour

Run length 60-120 min: 

Run length 120 or more: 

Add in 1-2 PURE Electrolyte Replacement Capsules per hour for additional electrolytes if required i.e. cramp prevention strategy.

  • Begin drinking 10-15min into run
  • Spread intake evenly over hour
  • Practice sipping small amounts form hydration-bladder to learn to drink 

Note: PURE Endurance Hydration contains 5g of protein per 500ml 

Additional electrolytes may be required during events lasting longer than 90 mins or during hot and humid conditions.

Carbohydrates during

Run length less than120min: 30-60g per hour 


Run length over 120min 60-90g

  • Calculate carbohydrate quantity in hydration i.e 750ml PURE Electrolyte Hydration is 38g 
  • Add additional sources i.e. one gel is around 25g 


Hour 1: 500ml PURE + 1-2 PURE gel  = 50-70g 

Hour 2. 500ml PURE + 3x sports chews = 60g. 

Hour 3. 500ml PURE + real food + PURE Gel = 80g

  • Spread intake evenly over each hour i.e. cut up a bar into small pieces
  • Add in PURE Electrolyte Capsules if needed.
Protein during Add into nutrition plan if longer than 120min
  • PURE Endurance Hydration contains 5g of protein per 500ml 
Cramp prevention Replace mineral salts lost in sweat  Helps prevent fatigue and supports muscle function. 
Complete race fuel  provide high carbohydrate load, electrolytes and hydrate.  90g of mixed source carbohydrate per hour
Recovery Carbohydrate + Protein within 30 min  Supplies Carbohydrate, protein, fluid and electrolytes to replenish fuel stores and support recovery.