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I Was Suitably Impressed

"Having used much of this product before, during and after a 100km mountain bike race, I was suitably impressed. I like the subtle flavours from PURE Sports Nutrition, and that they're fastidious about using high quality ingredients. Your choice of sports nutrition needs to work for you, but I'd recommend picking up a few items to try for yourself."

Mike Blewitt - Australian Mountain Bike Mag

We Highly Recommend

"We have been using Pure Nutrition products for several seasons now, and we have been extremely impressed with the results. Our players have reported feeling more energised and focused during training and games, and they have also seen significant improvements in their recovery time. We are confident that Pure Sports Nutrition products have played a role in our success on the field. We highly recommend Pure Nutrition. Their products are top-notch, and their customer service is second to none."

Brad Mayo - Head of Athletic PerformanceHurricanes Super Rugby Team

We Strongly Endorse...

"The team here at Bicycling Australia have sampled (and ridden using) a range of Pure products and we strongly endorse them. Their Fluid Energy Gels are particularly good; they are far more ‘drinkable’ due to their liquid nature and have noticeably natural flavouring."

The Team @ Bicycling Australia Mag

A Game Changer

"I was intrigued by the promise of minimal bloating with the Race Fuel and it was a game-changer at Tarawera Ultra Trail. I had zero bloat and there was never a time where I felt I couldn't drink, I just kind of sipped away all day comfortably. I wasn't by any means thrashing myself running fast, but there was definitely never a point where I felt hungry, my energy was very consistent so from a nutritional standpoint, it couldn't have gone better”.

Thomas Watson

So Palatable

"The PURE products are incredibly easy on the stomach and so palatable. At the Whaka 100 I was into the last hour of the race and my legs were really starting to feel the hills from earlier in the day. But amazingly I had still not had that beckoning feeling of impending cramp. Without a doubt this was down to the amazing products that PURE Sports Nutrition create! Thanks PURE Sports Nutrition for creating such amazing products that allow us athletes, professional, amateur and recreational, to achieve our goals!"

Ash Hough

My New Favourites

"Previously when completing Ironman and running events, I would resort to a mishmash of products by various brands, not always liking taste or what they did to my stomach.
Now I have switched all my hydration and nutrition to Pure. I enjoy the taste of the hydration options, the taste and texture of the various gels and chews, and I LOVE that it's actually real food, and just some concoction created in a chemistry lab.
I have just completed the Margaret River Ultra 80km trail marathon (solo) with this and felt great. Bring on Ironman Busselton at the end of the year :)"


Exceeded Expectations!

"During the recent Taupo ironman 70.3, I unexpectedly forgot my usual nutrition and decided to try your new race fuel on a whim. To my surprise, it exceeded all expectations. Your products played a pivotal role in my successful qualification for the 70.3 World Champs in 2024. I was truly impressed by the quality and effectiveness of Pure Sports Nutrition!"


Rocket Fuel!

"I race ultras of up to 100 miles and so I know the crucial role that nutrition plays in delivering performances that I have trained so hard for on the day. This stuff is absolute rocket fuel and it is hugely reassuring to know how much energy it packs. What probably impresses me the most though is how well the Race Fuel went down, the naked flavour meant that i could suck away as if it was water!"


Results From Better Fuelling

"I never have an issue with taking PURE gels because the flavour, I absolutely love the flavour, that’s what attracted me to PURE in the first place. And the texture of the fluid gels was just the easiest way for me to get nutrition in. I think it's interesting that all of my best results have come this year and I've probably done two thirds of the training, but I have been fuelling correctly and recovering much better, so I think I've found a better balance. I've been executing races better. I've been fueling my training better and that has to attribute for a lot of my progress I think."

Felix Oates

This Product is Amazing!

"I was very impressed with the Race Fuel powder during the four day cycling race, Five Passes, it made life so much easier getting the carbs in during the racing stages. No tummy upsets and it tastes good. Rather than relying on gels I was able to easily drink this incredible stuff! It's that good I'm already thinking I'll use it for big training days too. 100% recommend!"


On-Point Nutrition

"My nutrition was on-point with PURE Electrolyte Hydration, i used every aid station as well as carrying my own to sip away at more frequently, and a PURE Energy Gel every 45 minutes. I went through five, saving the Cola + Caffeine for last! My energy levels were mint throughout, the fabled ‘wall” never appeared, and I finished strong. Thanks to Pure Sports Nutrition for always having my back!"


Absolute Winner!

"I have had many gels in the past, but since I have started using PURE Sports Nutrition I’m hooked. They are tasty, easily digestible, and not too thick. These are amazing and also pack a punch with a nice pick-me-up of 30mg of caffeine added. Never going anywhere else!"