About Us;

Our Story
The PURE Sports Nutrition brand was founded in 2012 by Simon and Marewa Kraak, a brother and sister duo with a passion for healthy living and sports. Simon is an avid road cyclist, and Marewa a qualified Sports & Exercise Nutritionist (Otago University), former elite road cyclist and representative rower for New Zealand. Despite leading fit and active lifestyles, they struggled to find high quality, natural sports nutrition products on the market.

"Most sports nutrition products are way too sweet, hard to drink and are full of fake stuff. We wanted something natural and clean and that’s why we developed the PURE Sports Nutrition range."

In response, they started PURE Sports Nutrition, determined to create products that would truly make a difference in people’s performance and lives. They put a lot of time and effort into formulating their products, using only the best ingredients to ensure that each product delivers the full benefits it was designed for. The company is constantly striving to improve and is committed to developing new, made in New Zealand products.

Our Approach

At PURE we are passionate about sports nutrition and it is important to us that we only manufacture good, innovative products that work. Everyone should care about what goes into their bodies during exercise, so every ingredient we use is carefully selected for its quality and sports science performance. We trial each of our products in the field before going to market and we listen to our athletes’ feedback. Put simply, if we don’t like the taste and performance of a product, then it doesn’t get to market.

We stand by our products and want our retailers and customers to be as passionate about PURE Sports Nutrition as we are, so only after testing, refining and perfecting a product does it come off the production line. The PURE Sports Nutrition range contains no unnecessary additives and is made with real natural flavours sourced, when possible, from within New Zealand.

The 2024 Range

At PURE Sports Nutrition, we are dedicated to providing high-quality products that truly work. Our entire range is proudly developed in New Zealand and has been expertly formulated with sports science in mind. We create premium products for before, during, and after your sporting activities, whether you are a performance athlete or a weekend warrior.

We are continuing to refine and refresh our original PURE Performance range with new flavours and formulations and we are proud to be extending our lines with the Performance + range for racing. Our new Race Fuel was the first product to launch and we have some other exciting new products coming in the near future. As a company, we are committed to continuing to support athletes and grow our sponsored events of all levels, from grassroots community events to major mass participation events and high-performance competitions. We are proud sponsors of hundreds of sporting events and athletes throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Simon Kraak

Co-Founder / Managing Director
Email: Simon@puresportsnutrition.com

Marewa Sutherland (Kraak)

Co-Founder / Sports Nutritionist
Email: Marewa@puresportsnutrition.com

Shaun Crowley

Commercial Manager
Email: Shaun@puresportsnutrition.com

Megan Murdoch

Marketing Manager
Email: Megan@puresportsnutrition.com

Tessa Aukje Dekker

Australasian Sales Manager
Email: Tessa@puresportsnutrition.com

Rowan Panozzo

Australia Key Account Manager
Email: Rowan@puresportsnutrition.com

Jon Odams

Victoria & NSW Account Manager
Email: Jon@puresportsnutrition.com

Sarah O’Sullivan

New Zealand Sales Support
Email: Sales@puresportsnutrition.com

Courtney Molloy

Australia Sales Support
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