Game Day Nutrition Plan

Game Day Nutrition Plan

When it comes to nutrition, preparation starts well before game day itself. In fact, the week leading up to the game can be just as important to your performance as this is the period when your body rests, recharges and loads for the game ahead.

Whether your chosen sport is rugby, netball, hockey, football or another team sport, they all require careful fuel planning to prevent fatigue over the very high-intensity game period. 

Our sports nutritionist, Marewa Sutherland, has put together a nutrition plan to cover all bases in the week before a game, so you can reach your performance potential when it matters!

 Timing Goal Action points Examples / Notes
7 days pre-game Rest, recover & prepare
  • Carbs + protein < 30 min after training
  • 7-9 hours sleep per night 
  • Immune support 
  • 2-3 Litres water per day


Immune support:

5 days pre-game

Begin Beet loading


  • Mix with water or smoothie 2 hours pre-training or in AM 
2-3 days pre-game Muscle fuel loading 
  • Aim to have carbohydrate at every meal 
  • Choose whole-grain options: brown rice/pasta, whole-grain oats etc


  • cereals/porridge/ toast 
  • sandwiches/ toasties/ sushi 
  • Stirfry with rice/ noodles, spaghetti bolognese.  
    2 days pre-game Hydrate
    • Aim for 2-3L (or upwards depending on size) 


    2-5 hours pre-game

    • Last main meal 
    • Beet loading
    • Hydrate
    • Cramp prevention (optional)


    Meal suggestions: 

    • Muesli/Weet-bix + fruit + yoghurt + toast + Juice
    • Bacon or mince + eggs on toast
    • Smoothie + toast

    Beet loading:

    • Have first thing in the morning 


    • Depending on start time aim for 750ml-1.5L pre-game. Aim to have drink more in the morning and then sip away closer to game. 
    60-90 min pre-game
    • Snack 
    • Caffeine (optional) 
    • Hydration

    Snack suggestions:

    • Muesli bar/ One square meal bar 
    • Banana 
    • Smoothie 


    • Coffee or caffeine tablet
    15 min pre-game
    • Blood sugar top up

      Caffeine gel options: 

      Optional cramp prevention: PURE Electrolyte Replacement Capsule

      During game
      • Hydration 
      • Energy
      • Cramp 
      • Keeps on top of hydration, carbohydrate and electrolytes
      • Practice taking nutrition on board in training to work out quantities you are able to handle comfortably 
      Half Time 
      • Hydration
      • Energy
      • Cramp
      • Drink + take gel(s) at the very beginning of the half-time break
      • Take any caffeine gels before or during half time 
      <30 min post game  
      • Recovery nutrition 
      • 500ml PURE Recovery Shake
      • Protein + carbs + electrolytes + hydration
      5 hours post event
      • Recovery nutrition
      • Hydration
      • Ensure you have a snack every hour until the next main meal 
      • Drink 750-1000ml every hour
      • Include plenty of protein + wholegrain carbs in the first post-game main meal


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