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Electrolytes & Hydration

No fuss, easy-to-use, fast fuel for during exercise. Made with real fruit flavours, carbs, and electrolytes, our gels are tummy friendly and easy to consume.

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Performance + Race Fuel is a HASTA certified sports drink built for the performance athlete boasting high electrolytes and a huge 90 grams of carbs per serve.


Energy Gels

No-fuss, easy-to-use, fast fuel for during exercise. Made with real fruit flavours, cars, and electrolytes, our gels are tummy friendly and easy to consume.

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For Racing & Training

Made with premium ingredients, gluten and preservative free with no artificial flavours or colours.

Scientifically formulated to give you everything that you need and nothing you don't.

Made in New Zealand and tested by real athletes for proven performance in racing and training.

Stomach friendly formulations that are easy to digest, not super sweet and taste great.

Which Hydration?

Get more out of your hydration by selecting the most appropriate one for the length of your run, low-carb, carb or Race Fuel...

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Training Nutrition

Eating enough of the right foods is vital for overall health and wellness. Reducing illness and injury are the 2 main focus’s when it comes to nutrition for training...

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Race Day Nutrition

You wouldn’t run a marathon in pair of brand-new shoes, just like you shouldn’t run a marathon without trialling your nutrition strategy....

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My New Favourites

Previously when completing Ironman and running events, I would resort to a mishmash of products by various brands, not always liking taste or what they did to my stomach.
Now I have switched all my hydration and nutrition to Pure. I enjoy the taste of the hydration options, the taste and texture of the various gels and chews, and I LOVE that it's actually real food, and just some concoction created in a chemistry lab.
I have just completed the Margaret River Ultra 80km trail marathon (solo) with this and felt great. Bring on Ironman Busselton at the end of the year :)


Rocket Fuel

I race ultras of up to 100 miles and so I know the crucial role that nutrition plays in delivering performances that I have trained so hard for on the day. This stuff is absolute rocket fuel and it is hugely reassuring to know how much energy it packs. What probably impresses me the most though is how well the Race Fuel went down, the naked flavour meant that i could suck away as if it was water!


Results From Better Fuelling

I never have an issue with taking PURE gels because the flavour, I absolutely love the flavour, that’s what attracted me to PURE in the first place. And the texture of the fluid gels was just the easiest way for me to get nutrition in. I think it's interesting that all of my best results have come this year and I've probably done two thirds of the training, but I have been fuelling correctly and recovering much better, so I think I've found a better balance. I've been executing races better. I've been fueling my training better and that has to attribute for a lot of my progress I think.


New to Sports Nutrition?

Don’t know where to start? When it comes to Sports Nutrition there is no one-size-fits-all plan for everyone, so it's important to work out your own requirements, challenges and preferences. Do you even need sports nutrition? We are here to help! View our training and race guides, read articles, find recipes or ask our Sports Nutritionist a question...

Performance Starts With Nutrition

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