Performance + Race Fuel Review

Performance + Race Fuel Review

With a background steeped in the competitive world of cycling, Thomas Watson was no stranger to pushing his limits. Yet, it was his natural inclination towards endurance that eventually led him down the winding trails of ultramarathons nearly eight years ago. As he delved deeper into this new realm of running, Thomas found himself embarking on a journey not just of physical endurance but also of nutritional discovery.

"In the realm of nutrition, it's been a voyage of self-discovery," Thomas reflects, acknowledging the extensive experimentation he's undertaken with various brands and whole foods-based approaches over the years.

It was during his collaboration with a sports dietitian and his coach, that Thomas honed in on the critical role of carbohydrates in his training regimen. "Increasing my carb intake during training was pivotal, especially in anticipation for race day fuelling," he admits. However, despite his meticulous preparations, Thomas encountered a recurring challenge during races – fuelling issues that led to severe stomach discomfort and vomiting, often striking between the 40 and 80-kilometer marks.

"It was a tough period," Thomas recalls, reminiscing about the struggles that impacted his overall running performance. “The reality of not being able to keep fuel in was affecting my pace and ability to run”.

Prior to these challenges, Thomas had only dabbled with PURE products, primarily using a few fluid gels. However, the allure of PURE's being stomach friendly became increasingly appealing as he sought solutions to his race day woes. When an unexpected opportunity arose to participate in the Tarawera Ultra-Trail a mere week before race day, Thomas saw it as the perfect testing ground for something new – PURE Performance Plus Race Fuel.

"I was intrigued by the promise of minimal bloating," Thomas shares, recalling his decision to give PURE's specialized endurance fuel a try. “I'd been hit hard around bloating leading to sort of inability to take on more fuel which is basically a bit of a downward spiral and hard to correct once your stomach starts going south.”

Designed specifically for athletes like Thomas, PURE Performance + Race Fuel packs a punch with 90 grams of carbohydrates per serving. The secret ingredient, Cluster Dextrin™, ensures high carbohydrate delivery while minimising stomach upset often experienced during intense exercise. What's more, its unflavoured composition combats flavour fatigue, while its rich electrolyte content makes it a complete fuel source.

On race day, Thomas executed a meticulously planned strategy, relying on 6 bottles of Race Fuel (90g carbs per bottle) and 8 bottles of PURE Pineapple Electrolyte Hydration, consumed at a disciplined rate of one bottle per hour in rotation. To top it off, he integrated PURE Fluid Gels into his plan, favouring the Cola flavour with added caffeine (30mg per gel), consuming one every 1-2 hours. Thomas carried all his normal food options but didn't even touch them as there was never a point he felt low on energy.

"It was a game-changer," Thomas admits, "and a point I didn't really think about till after the race was that I had zero bloat. There was never a time where I felt I couldn't drink, I just kind of sipped away all day comfortably. I wasn't by any means thrashing myself running fast, but there was definitely never a point where I felt hungry, my energy was very consistent so from a nutritional standpoint, it couldn't have gone better”.

Looking ahead, Thomas eagerly anticipates upcoming challenges like Ultra Trail Australia, the Rotorua marathon, and various other marathons towards the end of the year. Armed with his new nutrition plan, which he’s looking to rollout over multiple different running disciplines and distances, he aims to script more chapters in his enduring journey and see where it takes him.

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