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My new favourites! Previously when completing Ironman and running events, I would resort to a mishmash of products by various brands, not always liking taste or what they did to my stomach, now I have switched all my hydration and nutrition to Pure. I enjoy the taste of the hydration options, the taste and texture of the various gels and chews, and I LOVE that it's actually real food and not just some concoction created in a chemistry lab. I have just completed the Margaret River Ultra 80km trail marathon (solo) with this and felt great.


Rocket fuel! I have recently switched to Race Fuel after being a long-time fan of the endurance formula. I race ultras of up to 100 miles and so I know the crucial role that nutrition plays in delivering performances I have trained so hard for on the day. This stuff is absolute rocket fuel and it is hugely reassuring to know how much energy it packs. What probably impresses me the most though is how well the Race Fuel went down - the naked flavour meant that I could suck away as if it was water.


ABSOLUTE WINNER!!! Never in my training "life", have I felt more comfortable with a product. I have these every single session without fail and to date am loving how they are sitting and absorbing during high intensity session. The much needed caffeine kick of 30mg is just enough for me so i can have them more frequently. Last but not least the taste is smooth and a tad sweet which is more my cup of tea. Thank you so much Pure, I couldnt recommend this gel enough.